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      News and Updates

      Grand Re-Opening

      TransFans, we thank you for your patience and with a new year, comes a new look to B&K Collectables!! We are still putting up a lot of product, including a wide selection of G1 Complete, Incomplete, and parts!! We've also started a new policy where if you purchase over $200 from us, we will give you FREE Canada shipping!! WOW!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to take a look around and please send us some feedback on what you think, what you would like to see, and what you would do differently.


      Thanks again,

      - Dan and Kris.

      Changes coming soon!!

      Hey Transfans! Just letting you know that our scheduled changes are taking a little longer than originally planned due to coding complications, but we will be opening up the new soon! in the meantime, the current site will remain open for business and will carry items like MP-18 Bluestreak, MP-17 Prowl, MMC Bovis, MMC Fortis (when he is released), FP Diesel (when he is released), and many more items as we continue to expand our selection. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries!!

      Truly Collectors serving Collectors

      Hello Transfans!! You've seen the announcement on the Action Figure Expo website, and it's 100% true... We got ONE of the coveted Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Soundwaves in-stock and what are we doing with it???  We're GIVING IT AWAY TO ONE OF YOU!!!!! At the Action Figure Expo, we have donated it as one of the door prizes.

      We've already had a few people contact us and ask us why (they wanted to buy it from us), and we explained to them that, even though we have a business, we are still Collectors serving Collectors, and seeing this item is so hard to get, we felt it was only right to help out the Community.

      So... if you want it, it's up for grabs at the 10th annual Action Figure Expo on September 29, 2013 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel – 600 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Details and driving directions can be found at

      New updates and refreshed Stock!

      Hello Transfans!! We have recently completed a stock refresh and update of some of the items on our website. We now have an On-Sale and a Coming Soon section!! The On-Sale promotes great deals on items that are on-sale, while our Coming Soon section includes approximate pricing for items coming in the near future, but the pricing is only a placeholder and is subject to change as we get confirmations from our distributors.

      We have also extended our no-tax offering until further notice (as along as we can within governmental regulations). As always, your feedback is welcome by emailing us and we will do our best to implement any feedback we receive that we can.

      Our next shows are listed on the Upcoming Shows page, but in short, we are scaling down in prep for TFCon at the end of July. We will have a small setup at Hamilton on Canada Day as well.

      - Bruticus and Kupo

      News and New Items in Today!

      Hello TransFans! We received some disappointing news and some new stock in today and we wanted to share it with you.

      Due to a shortage of stock from Hasbro to our Distributor, we were advised today that we will NOT be receiving the Fall of Cybertron Voyager Grimlock or Blasters when they are released. While this is certainly not good news, we are not giving up and are going to try to see if there are any other routes we can take to get some of these highly-popular figures in-stock.

      In the meantime, we did receive new stock of the following items and they are now available for purchase on the site!!

      Fall of Cybertron: Rumble and Ravage
      Fall of Cybertron: Frenzy and Ratbat
      Fall of Cybertron: Eject and Ramhorn
      Fall of Cybertron: Rewind and Sunder