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About B&K

B&K Collectables was sparked from a love of what used to be enjoyed as children... Transformers!  Dan (Bruticus) and his Wife, Kris (Kupo), were both avid fans that returned to collecting in the early 2000's and have since accumulated an astonishing number of Transformers, including virtually every North American G1 created between 1984 and 1988.

Dan spent most of his time building his Transformer collection up and assisting some friends out while attending various trade shows around Southwestern Ontario throughout late 2011 and early 2012. During his time collecting, he realized that there was a need for someone to get other Collectors the Transformers figures that they so desired, at a reasonable price. With a list of sources and contacts, he went to work seeing if he could viably source items from the original generation of Transformers that Collectors were asking for. In the Summer of 2012, Dan bought out the private business of one of his friends to make his own dreams a reality and officially started B&K Collectables, named after the nicknames of himself and his Wife, where it's Collectors serving Collectors!

Since the Company's official creation in September 2012, Dan has been attending Trade Shows and various Markets to sell his products, including sponsoring several shows like TFCon, 80's Action Figure Expo, Kitchener Comic Con, Canadian ToyCon, and many more events!

In November 2012, the Company opened their web store, allowing Collectors to acquire their goods 24/7/365 and they have been looking to expand to a storefront as well. Since they first started, B&K has expanded out to include the biggest selection of Pop! Vinyls in the Tri-Cities Area and some older wrestling figures. It is an exciting time for B&K Collectables.


Dan was Born in Ottawa, Ontario, and has lived in Ottawa, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, London, Ontario, and now lives in Kitchener, Ontario with his Wife. His favorite Transformers are Bruticus and Predaking. Enjoys computers, wrestling (collegiate and "Professional"), UFC, and playing on his Playstation 4. Dan works for support a major international e-commerce provider full-time at a senior-level.