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      News and Updates

      New Preorders!

      Hello TransFans! We've just added the following pre-orders to the site:

      Fall of Cybertron Legends Eject and Ramhorn Set
      Fall of Cybertron Legends Rewind and Sunder Set

      Feel free to click on our pre-order page and set yourself up with some of these or the other awesome figures we have coming in!!

      New Masterpiece Arrivals: MP-12 Sideswipe and ...

      Hello Transfans! Those who followed our brief status updates today on Facebook will be rewarded to hear that we have received new Masterpiece stock  ... MP-12 Lambor/Sideswipe. While getting those, we were given a unique opportunity to get a few early release and MP-13 Soundwave and Laserbeak!!! These have now been added to the store and are available for purchase. We are extremely happy to have these for our Clients and we plan to have them at the Trade Shows we attend, while supplies last.


      Dan and Kris

      B&K Collectables

      New Arrivals: Hasbro Masterpiece Rodimus Prime and Thundercracker

      Hello TransFans!!  We have just received an extremely limited shipment of 2 HOT Hasbro Masterpiece Figures that are high in-demand; Rodimus Prime and Thundercracker!! Both are available through our Masterpiece Collection Page and once they are gone, we do not expect to receive any more. We have some other new products coming in as well, like the Voyager Fall of Cybertron figures, so keep watching here and feel free to contact us with queries.

      Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

      To all our followers online, through Twitter, our friends on Facebook,, and TFW2005, and to all the TransFans in the world as a whole, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from B&K Collectables!!

      MP-14 and Coin have Arrived; MP-12 is coming in soon!!!

      A very limited number of MP-14 Red Alert figures have arrived in our warehouse and are available for purchase on our website and at our booth at the Hamilton Toy Show on December 30, 2012. We have also secured a few of the limited edition MP-14 coin that we have added to the MP-14 Product Page at a discounted rate if purchased with the Figure, or for a flat price alone.

      We have also received word that a very limited number of MP-12 Sideswipe figures are going to be made available to our Clients! We will let you know when they have arrived in our warehouse, but in the meantime, we have put up a new pre-order page for them in our Pre-Order Showcase.

      Collectors Serving Collectors

      Bruticus and Kupo
      B&K Collectables