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TFCC Exclusive 2008 Seacons Giftset


The Seacons are a team of Decepticons named for their sea-animal alternate modes. The team is able to merge their bodies and minds to form the gigantic Piranacon. The team members are:

  • Snaptrap (spelled “Snap Trap” in comics, and known as Turtler in Japan) is the team leader. He rules the other Seacons through fear of force rather than any sort of inspirational leadership qualities. He is, however, very good at what he does - brutally and efficiently taking apart Autobots.
  • Nautilator (Lobclaw in Japan) is possessed of a rather unfortunate weakness - for supposedly an underwater specialist, he's no good at underwater operations whatsoever. Due to this, when formed as Piranacon the other Seacons let him form Piranacon's weapon rather than threatening them in combined mode.
  • Overbite (called Jawbreaker in the comics by Marvel UK for reasons unknown, as the toy was sold in Europe as "Overbite" nonetheless) is interested in only one thing - hunting prey, be it Autobot or luckless human ships that happen to get in his way. Oddly for having a shark alternate mode, he possesses extra limbs to help function on land.
  • Seawing (Kraken in Japan) is the team's stealth specialist, gliding silently through the water and attacking without warning. He also has designs on being the leader of the group.
  • Skalor (Gulf in Japan) is disgusting even by Seacon standards, always leaking oil, lubricants and various other fluids is so disgusting that even the other Seacons try to avoid him. Constantly seeping lubricant and other fluids, Skalor doesn't seem that bothered about getting it fixed - even when it causes him to seize up in battle.
  • Tentakil is the cruelest of all the Seacons - which is saying something. He'll lure opponents to their doom by complimenting them on their battle prowess, letting them think he is an honorable foe - then he'll strike and take them apart. He actually enjoys tricking them more than actually destroying them.
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