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      As Collectors ourselves, B&K Collectables knows that there are some items that are very high-in-demand and Fans want to ensure that they receive one for their own collection. For that reason, offers many items throughout the year as preorder for the benefit of Collectors to ensure pre-release items are obtainable and affordable. All preorder transactions are subject to the following terms and conditions. By completing the preorder transaction, you are agreeing, in full, to all the terms set forward.

      Preorder Defined
      A preorder is a binding contract to acquire an item before it is physically available. Items listed as “Preorder” are currently not available to ship until the item arrives at our warehouse, regardless of the stock level listed. The associated stock level pertains to how many units of that product we currently expect to have available when they are released.

      Preorder Delays
      Estimated date is the date that the Manufacturer advises us that the product will be released and is subject to normal delays including, but not limited to, production delays, shipping delays, delays progressing through Customs, and other delays. B&K Collectables are not responsible or liable for any delays that are out of our control regarding preorders.

      Processing a Preorder
      To process a preorder, add the preorder item(s) to your cart and follow the regular procedure to checkout your cart. Preorders will not be charged shipping at the checkout as shipping will be charged upon the time of redemption.
      PLEASE NOTE: Preorders must be processed separately from in-stock items. Orders that are placed that combine in-stock products with preorders will require a payment of the required shipping fees for the in-stock items and a separate shipping charge for the preorder item when it arrives, unless picked up from our booth at a local event within 30 days of our receipt of the item. 

      Preorder Deposits
      To be fair to all Collectors trying to get their favorite items, When a preorder is listed on, reserving it will require a minimal non-refundable deposit amount (15% of the total item purchase price). When a preorder is processed and no shipping will be charged. This allows us to place that item on reserve for 30 days when it arrives at our warehouse instead of immediately placing up for sale. When the item comes into our warehouse, we will contact you and the deposit will be applied to the item either through a final online purchase or in-person. Reservations will be held in our warehouse for 30 days from notification date. If the final purchase has not been completed within this period, the item will be placed back into regular stock and the deposit previously paid will be forfeited.

      Redeeming a Deposit
      When an item on preorder is en-route to our warehouse, we will contact you (within 24 hours) to let you know that item is on it's way. During that time, we will let you know that the remaining balance (after applying your deposit to the final price) is due. Two options are available when completing the final purchase; pick up the item in-person at a local event (or a local meetup), or complete it through If choosing to process the reservation via online, you will receive a coupon code for the amount of your deposit (before tax) that can be applied to the purchase of the item.
      REMINDER: Once notification has been sent to you regarding the pending arrival of your preorder, you have 30 days to complete the transaction otherwise we will need to cancel the reservation, as per our right to cancel listed below.

      Right to Cancel a Preorder
      • Your Right: As previously stated, a preorder is a binding contract to acquire an item before it is physically available. We understand that there are situations where individuals will need to cancel a preorder. In such a circumstance, the preorder can be cancelled before you receive notification that the item is on it's way to our warehouse by contacting us at If the preorder request is less than 30 days old, we will refund it back to the same method of payment that you used. If the preorder is over 30 days old, we reserve the right, as per our normal Returns Policy, to issue you a store credit for the amount of the deposit (before tax). If you cancel the preorder after any of the item(s) reserved have shipped to or arrived at our warehouse, then the order will be cancelled and the deposit you paid will become a restocking fee with no credit given.
      • Our Right: In certain circumstances, where supplier shortages or other issues preventing the fulfillment of a preorder exist, we reserve the right to cancel any preorder without prior notice and process a refund to the deposit paid. Refunds will be issued back on the method of payment that was initially used, unless the time limit for issuing refunds expires for the payment gateway, which is usually 30 days after the initial purchase date. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to issue the deposit back in the form of a store credit or other manner.

      If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using our Contact Page or by emailing us direct at