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      Hello everyone. Thank you for your support and I apologize for my radio-silence the last few days. There has been a lot to do and just as much to process.

      Our goal over the past couple of weeks has been to keep business as usual and uninterrupted for our customers, however, with the rate in which COVID-19 has impacted everyone leaves very little time to adapt to this rapidly evolving situation.

      This past Monday, the Province of Ontario announced that all non-essential businesses would close by 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 24 and, as a non-essential business, we complied to this requirement.

      How this will affect you:
      We will not be able to serve you in-person, nor receive new items until at least April 5, 2020 and maybe longer, until the requirements that keep our store closed are lifted. We will also not be able to conduct local meet-ups as we are complying with the isolation requirements put in-place..

      What are we doing in the interim to serve you?
      We have made a few changes that allow us to still conduct business through our website,, and be able to continue helping you out.

      We have attempted to negotiate better rates with our shipping provider, but they have not been able to help us out, so we have decided to cover the costs to go through with our plans anyways; living up to our motto of Collectors helping Collectors.

      Canada-Wide Changes:
      • We have reduced elements (weights and default box sizes) that affect shipping costs presented on the website.
      • Removed XpressPost as an option for shipping at this time.
      • We've removed the upcharge for signatures seeing Canada Post will no longer ask for them during the crisis.
      • We have created a new shipping offer for Canada on Funko POPs. We are offering Free Shipping on Funko orders over $150. NOTE: This is not applied to Transformers or Wrestlers, but will be applied only to Funko POPs in your cart.

      Ontario-Only Changes:
      • We have created a flat-rate shipping cost for Funko POPs for Ontario addresses. Shipping costs for Ontario is now $12.99 plus tax for Standard shipping per Funko POP order.
      • Removed XpressPost as an option for shipping at this time.
      • The offer on Funko POPs that we created for Canada, Free Shipping on Funko orders over $150, is also available to Ontario orders. NOTE: This is not applied to Transformers or Wrestlers, but will be applied only to Funko POPs in your cart.

      Changes to timing of outbound shipments:
      With the mandatory isolation effective, we will be able to ship orders out on Saturdays only. This means if you place an order at the beginning of the week, we will prepare the order for shipping and bring it to the post office on Saturday for delivery. For this reason, we've removed XpressPost as an option

      The sooner we can overcome this, the sooner we can resume our normal lives. I will continue to be available to answer phone calls to the store (it redirects to me at home) and messages from 11 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. As I do run this business completely on my own and I still work my full-time job remotely, I ask for your patience when sending messages as I may not be able to reply immediately. 

      I really appreciate the support that we have and continue to get from our community and I look forward to serving you the best I possibly can until we get through this and afterwards when we can return to our normal lives.

      Thanks to everyone, please stay well by staying inside, and feel free to reach out... even to say hi. We're all in this together!

      Dan Maheux.
      Owner, B&K Collectables